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Samuel Farnsworth

1.8--SAMUEL FARNSWORTH, the eighth ch. was b. 8 Oct 1669 in Groton, MA. He m. 12 Dec 1706 Mary Whitcomb, dau. Josiah of Lancaster and wid. of Simon Willard who d. in 1706.

He lived in Groton early in life and his mother lived with him after his father's death; she left him by her will, her "Great Bible." He appears to have been the mainstay and reliance of his mother during the twenty-eight years that she lived after the death of her husband.

Samuel became an early settler of "Turkey Hills" now called Lunenburg. The date of his death is unknown, but as his will is dated 9 Jun 1727 and was proved 1 Aug 1730 and Josiah Willard was appointed guardian for his son, Stephen then in his fifteenth year, 17 Feb 1730, so that prob. he was then recently dead. He was admitted to the church in Groton 27 Jul 1718. He had the following ch.: 3rd Gen.

* 1. Mary Crew, b. 13 Sep 1707 at Kingston; m. 8 Nov 1727 Jonathan
Page, Jr. of Lunenburg; he b. 5 Jun 1710; he d. 30 Aug
1751; she d. 22 May 1770. He was one of the proprietors of
Charlestown, NH.
2. Samuel, b. 29 Jun 1709 at Groton, MA. He never married.
In 1740, he with his younger brothers, David and Stephen,
and his half brother, Moses Willard, with others mostly from
Groton and its vicinity, having had a grant of land at the place
since called Charlestown in NH, organized a settlement there.
The place was considered by the MA Bay Colony to be within
its jurisdiction and it was granted to them as one of a series,
this being called "No. 4" which singular name has adhered
to it ever since although the place was soon legally named
Charlestown. Many people still speak of it as "Charlestown
No. 4." The first actual settlement of the place, it is said,
was made by these three brothers in 1740; their associates,
however, following in a short time. Soon after moving there,
the dividing line between the MA and NH Colonies was somewhat
unsatisfactorily determined as it exists at the present
day and by this settlement of boundaries, Charlestown came
within the jurisdiction of the NH Colony. This transfer caused
the original grantees much trouble, for the NH Colony under
the lead of Gov. Benning Wentworth, refused to recognize the
validity of the MA grants. But after considerable delay and
long negotiation, the matter was compromised by the issuance
of a new grant, partially satisfying the claims of the original

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grantees. Samuel Farnsworth was the leader of the party.
He was a man of energy, force, judgment and probity. One
of the earliest things necessary to do was to build a fort, and
the collection and expenditure of the means for this purpose
was entrusted to him and he became treasurer of the organization.
In an attack made by the Indians upon the settlement
2 May 1746, he was accidentally shot and killed. He was of

the party (???) about twenty in number (???) who were attracted
by curiosity to see the spot where Seth Putnam had been
killed on the 19th of Apr previous, the savages having laid
for them in ambush. Ensign Obadiah Sartwell (Sawtell) was
taken prisoner and Samuel Farnsworth, Elijah, Allen, Peter
Perin, Aaron Lyon and Joseph Massey were killed. Farnsworth
was not killed by the Indians, but his death was an
accident and occurred in the following manner: The savages,
as soon as they had fired on the company that had been attracted
to the spot where Putnam was killed, endeavored to cut off
their retreat to the fort. One of them had overtaken Farnsworth
and was making an effort to take him prisoner, but was
valiantly resisted. Their contest was observed by a soldier,
who thinking that he would put an end to it, fired for the purpose
of killing the Indian, but unfortunately, either through
a false aim or some sudden motion of the parties just at the
time, Farnsworth came in line of the ball and was killed.
The circumstance was greatly regretted, though no blame
was cast on the soldier whose motive was appreciated, notwithstanding
the sad consequences of his act. (See Saunderson's
Charlestown, NH.) His brother David administered
his estate, 3 Nov 1748. From the occurrence of his name
upon important committees, it is evident he had the confidence
of those early settlers.
* 3. David, b. 4 Aug 1711 in Groton, MA; m. 15 Aug 1735, Hannah
Hastings of Lunenburg, she b. 24 Jan 1716-17 in Watertown,
MA. He was one of the original settlers of No. 4 and shared
with them in the hazards of the Indian raids that were incidental
to all the settlements on the frontier and appears to have
been a man of more than ordinary intelligence. If important
business was to be transacted, he was usually appointed one
of the committee to attend to it. He was thus, with his brother
Samuel, on the committee to contract with some suitable
person for building and keeping in repair a corn-mill and a
saw-mill. On committees for the survey of lots and determining
lines for laying out and building roads, and whatever
was required for promoting the interest or bettering the condition
of the township. From 1750 to 1760, he was the principal

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and nearly the only surveyor of the place.
On the 20th of Apr 1757, David Farnsworth and four others were taken prisoners by a party of about seventy French and Indians and carried to Canada. David succeeded in making his escape and after seventeen days terrible experience in the wilderness, almost without food, he found his friends; and not long after his return from captivity, he moved his family to Hollis, NH where he was living at the time of the Revolution; still later in life moved into the northern part of Vermont, under safer auspices.

4. Abigail, b. 1713; m. (???)Thompson. See will of her brother
* 5. Stephen, b. 1715; m. 22 Dec 1741 Eunice Hastings, sister of
his brother David's wife; she b. 3 Sep 1722; he d. 6 Sep 1771;
she d. 9 Jun 1811. He prob. lived for a while, after marriage,
in Lunenburg, as his wife belonged there and he joined
the church there. But he went to Charlestown, NH and was
an original settler. He, with the other settlers, was a member
of Captain Stevens' Company for the defense of No. 4,
formed Jun 21,1750; see Muster Roll. The Roll is said to
be imperfect, but it is headed:
Captain Phineas Stevens.
Samuel Farnsworth.
David Farnsworth.
Stephen Farnsworth.
And others.
Stephen Farnsworth proved himself to be a person who could be relied upon in all the difficult circumstances through which No. 4 had to pass. In 1746, a short time before his brother Samuel's death, Stephen was engaged with a scouting party in locating the enemy and appears to have fallen into their hands at Northfield, VT, but seems to have escaped or been discharged some way as he appears at home soon afterwards.

He was again captured by the Indians and French on the 19th of Apr 1746. Capt. John Spafford, the miller, and Lieut. Isaac Parker were also taken at the same time. After seventeen months confinement, he was exchanged and returned


home in broken health from which he never fully recovered. His wife, with her ch., removed to Lunenburg, MA during her husband's continued captivity and was very reluctant, after his return, to take up her abode again at No. 4. But she at length yielded to his importunity and Charlestown became her home till after his death when she removed to South Woodstock, VT to make her home with her ch. Stephen left

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behind him the example of a brave and good man, and of a useful citizen. See Hist. Charlestown, NH.

6. Joshua, b. 1721. He was a soldier of the Louisburg expedition
of 1745 and prob. d. while on that expedition. His will
is dated 10 Mar 1746 which made his brother David sole executor
and left legacies to "sister Mary Page, sister Abigail
Thompson, and to his brothers Samuel, David and Stephen."
He never married.

1.8.1--JONATHAN PAGE, JR. and his wife, Mary Crew Farnsworth, lived in Lunenburg, MA before he moved to Charlestown, NH. It has been difficult to learn much of his family, but the following are supposed to be his ch., born in Lunenburg: 4th Gen.

* 1. Peter, b. 1745; m. 15 Oct 1765, Sarah Farnsworth, #
She b. 30 Jun 1748 in Charlestown, NH. He prob. had a 2d
wife, Mary. He was one of the selectmen of Charlestown,
1778-9 and '84, and was frequently employed in other business
of the town; he was chosen grand juror to serve at "His
Majesty's Court of General Sessions of the Peace," held at
Keene, NH, 2d Tuesday in Oct 1773; was constable 1774;
captain in 1780 in Col. Moses Nichols' regiment, raised for
the defense of West Point.
2. Phineas, moved to Charlestown, NH when a young man; m.
Sarah Labaree, dau. Peter, Jr., b. 12 Jun 1754; they settled
in Fairfax, VT; had 3 ch.
3. Benjamin, m. Susanna (???), and moved from Lunenburg
to Charlestown in 1768; had 4 ch.

1.8.3--LIEUT. DAVID FARNSWORTH and his wife, Hannah Hastings, had issue in Charlestown, NH: 4th Gen.

1. Hannah, b. 1730-5; m. 1758 John Tarball of Groton. #
She d. 6 Aug 1829.
2. Mary, b. 1739; m. 29 Apr 1762 Elisha Rockwood, Jr. of
Groton, he b. 9 Nov 1740; she d. 11 Nov 1765. They had:
5th Gen.
1. Hannah, b. 10 Feb 1763.
2. Molly, b. 29 Oct 1764.
3. Eunice, b. 1741; m. 1759 Oliver Parker of Groton, b. 23
Feb 1738; she d. 8 Feb 1767; they had:
1. Rebecca, b. 22 Nov 1760.
2. Eunice, b. 11 Dec 1761.
3. Elizabeth, b. 23 Sep 1763.
4. Simeon, b. 4 May 1765.
5. Oliver, b. 4 Feb 1767.

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4. Relief, b. ca. 1743; m. 4 Jun 1771 Reuben Tucker of Townsend,
MA. They removed to Digby, Nova Scotia and had:
5th Gen.
1. Reuben, b. abt. 1772.
2. David, b. 1774.
3. Charles, b. 1776; m. (???), and had a son:
1. Gilbert Ruggles Tucker, b. 9 Jan 1807 who was a
well-known merchant of Boston.
4. Relief, b. 1778.
5. Hannah, b. 1780.
6. Mary, b. 1782.
5. Samuel, b. 1750; m. Anna Wasson, b. 1751; d. 1842; he d.
1831. He was a drummer at the battle of Bunker Hill and
was a pensioner of the government for services rendered in
that war. He was residing at that time with his father at
Hollis, NH; he moved to Stoddard, NH and from there to
Eaton, Lower Canada in 1799.
6. David, b. 1760; d. 10 Nov 1778. He was executed by the
British at Hartford, CT as a spy when only about eighteen
years old; prob. he was the drummer at Cambridge and also

at Bunker Hill, 1775. See Sabine's Loyalists, p. 282.

1.8.5--STEPHEN FARNSWORTH and his wife, Eunice Hastings, had issue in Charlestown, NH: 4th Gen.

* 1. Oliver, b. 8 Dec 1742; m. 5 Jul 1768 Elizabeth Wheeler, b.
24 Jun 1750, dau. Moses and Elizabeth (Holden) Wheeler of
Groton. They lived in Charlestown about five years before
moving to Woodstock, VT where they purchased a 420 acre
farm in District Nine. He held several public offices and the
DAR listed him for CS (Civil Service) and PS (Patriotic) Service.
He was a printer and prob. the first of the family to
learn the art. He was taken sick about 1 Nov 1785 and d.
then or shortly after in Woodstock.
2. Sarah, b. 30 Jun 1748; m. 15 Oct 1765 Peter Page, #
3. Submit, b. 29 Jun 1750; m. 9 Jul 1773 John Hart. He was a
soldier in Capt. Abel Walker's Company in the Revolution;
res. Charlestown, NH. 5th Gen.
1. Thomas Hart, b. 5 Dec 1775.
2. Eunice Hart, b. 11 Mar 1777; d. 19 Aug 1777 - Twin.
3. Hastings Hart, b. 11 Mar 1777; d. 28 July 1777 - Twin.
4. Benjamin Hart, b. 4 May 1778.
5. John Hart, b. 1 May 1780.
4. Eunice, b. 21 Mar 1752; m. Nathan Cook.
* 5. Jonathan, b. 7 or 17 Jun 1754; d. 12 Dec 1822. He m. (1)
Martha or Rebecca Cottle and (2) Susannah Brewer. In 1774
he moved to South Woodstock where he spent his days as a

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farmer. He was a Revolutionary War soldier from VT.
6. Azubah, b. 27 May 1756; m. 2 May 1776 Thomas Adams, prob.
son of Daniel and Deborah (Cooley) Adams of Charlestown, NH.
7. Mary, b. 9 Feb 1759; d. Feb 1832. She m. in Woodstock, William
McCloy; res. there. 5th Gen.
1. Stephen McCloy.
2. William McCloy.
3. David McCloy.
4. Jane McCloy.
5. Eunice McCloy.
6. Polly McCloy.
7. Azubah McCloy.
8. Betsey McCloy.
8. Relief, b. 17 Nov 1762; d. 1842 in Cottleville, MO. She m.
25 Jun 1781 at Woodstock, VT, Warren Cottle, b. 1755 at Tisbury,
MA; d. Apr 1811 in St. Charles Co., MO. 5th Gen.
1. Warren Cottle.
2. Ira Cottle.
3. Stephen Cottle.
4. Oliver Cottle.
5. Olive Cottle.
* 9. Stephen, b. 20 Jun 1764; d. 14 Apr 1829. He m. 27 Dec 1785
at Woodstock, Deborah Bennett, b. 1863; d. 19 Oct 1845. PAGE and his wife, Sarah Farnsworth, had issue in Charlestown, NH: 5th Gen.

1. Peter, b. 5 Feb 1767; m. 29 Nov 1790, Eunice Billings; res.
Charlestown and had 3 ch.
2. Parthena, b. 6 Dec 1769; m. May 1788 Major Jonathan Grout,
son of Elijah and Mary (Willard) Grout of Lunenburg, b. 24
Apr 1760; he m. (2) wid. Mary (King) Prouty; she d.; he m.
(3) Lydia Putnam, b. 10 Dec 1794. Major Grout sent a notice
to the papers of this marriage, as follows: "Married in Charlestown,
Jan 16th, 1833, Major Jonathan Grout, ae. 73 and Miss
Lydia Putnam, somewhat younger." He d. 1854; she d. Mar
3. Patty, b. 15 Apr 1772; married.
4. Enos, b. 11 Oct 1774; m. Asenath West, b. 20 Oct 1780.
5. Polly, b. 11 Jul 1776.
6. Eli, b. 11 Nov 1779. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Anna Wasson, had issue in Stoddard, NH: 5th Gen.

* 1. John, b. 15 May 1783; m. 1809 Sally Patten, b. ca. 1787, dau.
Col. John of Surrey, ME. He removed to Eaton, P.Q. with

his father in 1812; removed in 1834 to the State of MI and engaged
in surveying. He d. 1844.
* 2. Samuel, b. 1784-5; m. Tabitha Barlow and settled in Eaton,
P.Q. He d. 1852. Was one of first cattle buyers of the area.
* 3. David, b. ca. 1787; m. Phebe Lothrop and settled in Dudswell,

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P.Q. He d. 1868.
4. Eunice, b. 1789; m. Asa Grosvenor and settled in NY; d. there. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Elizabeth Wheeler, had issue in Charlestown, NH and Woodstock, VT: 5th Gen.

* 1. Havilah, b. 11 May 1769; d. 8 Feb 1834 at Euclid, OH. He m.
Abigail Huntington, b. 29 Mar 1767; d. 11 Mar 1805, prob.
in Euclid. She was dau. John and Mehitable (Steele) Huntington
of Tolland, CT. He was first in the printing business in
Newport, RI with his brother, Oliver, but later became a
doctor and removed to Euclid Twp., Cuyahoga Co., OH. He
was the first physician in the township. He had a large practice
and was locally famous as physician and surgeon. His visits
were on horseback and often he went fifteen or twenty miles.
At night he would have a guide riding ahead to lead the way.
* 2. Abijah, b. 12 Mar 1770; m. Betsey Peck.
3. Biel, or Abial, b. 25 Dec 1772; m. in Woodstock, VT, Elizabeth
(???). He went west, prob. with his uncle, Warren
Cottle (#; was in St. Charles Co., MO in 1830.
* 4. Oliver, Jr., b. 10 Dec 1775; d. 23 Sep 1859 at Newport. He
m. Nancy or Anne Mumford. Oliver Farnsworth, Jr. and his
brother Havilah, both learned their father's trade, and June
14, 1797, they commenced the publication of a newspaper at
Suffield, CT, called "The Impartial Herald." They continued
it for one year, when they sold out to other parties, and removed
to Newport, RI, where they opened a printing office,
and the Schedules of the General Assembly of that State for
the year 1798, bear the imprint of "H. & O. Farnsworth."
In the year 1799, Oliver Farnsworth, Jr. commenced the
publication of the "Rhode Island Republican" and continued it
for about two years in the interest of the Jeffersonian party.
Oliver also published a life of Washington, under the
following title: "A Memory of Washington; Comprising a
Sketch of His Life and Character and the National Testimonials
of Respect. Also a Collection of Eulogies and Orations, with
a Copious Appendix. Newport, R.I.: Printed by Oliver Farnsworth,
1800." It was the first attempt at a collection of the
most important of Washington's papers, as well as an account
of his life, that was made after his death. It is a creditable
work when the time is considered, and the author's facilities
for procuring information. After leaving Newport, he went
to Cincinnati, OH, then the "far west" on the verge of the
wilderness. There he opened the first printing office and published
the first newspaper in that region of the country. In

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his old age, he returned to Newport, RI.
5. Elizabeth.
6. Phebe. (Order of birth of last two unknown.) FARNSWORTH and his wife, Martha Cottle, had issue in South Woodstock, VT: 5th Gen.

1. Mary, b. 24 May 1781; m. William Danforth, a Methodist
minister; lived in Genessee, NY and moved to WI. Rev. Danforth
and his wife both d. ae. 80; they had 5 ch., viz:
Aurelia, Sylvester, Jonathan, William and Mary.
2. William, b. 17 May 1783; m. Sarah A. Gimmerson; he d.
near St. Louis, MO; had a dau. -- an only ch.
3. Martha, b. 31 May 1786; m. Thomas Standish, had 4 or 5 ch.;
they lived in Western, NY. She d. between 1855 and 1860.
By 2d wife, Susannah Brewer, he had:
4. Jonathan Brewer, b. 17 Oct 1791; d. 12 Nov 1822. He m.
Sarah Slayton, b. 1796; d. 28 Feb 1864.
5. Sarah, b. 11 Feb 1793; m. Michael Shaw; they lived in Woodstock,
VT. She d. Dec 1866; they had 5 ch., viz: Franklin,
Enos, Laura, Susan and Eliza.
6. Azubah E., b. 29 Sep 1796; m. 20 or 29 Sep 1827, John Putnam
Burnham; lived in Woodstock, VT. She d. 26 Nov 1874;
they had: 6th Gen.
1. John.

2. Ornam.
3. Eliza, d. Nov 1885.
* 7. Oliver, b. 4 May 1799; m. Fanny Parker, moved to Hartsgrove,
OH. He d. 1860.
8. Susan, b. 29 Mar 1802; m. William Blanchard of New Ipswich,
NH, he b. 3 May 1788; they had in New Ipswich: 6th Gen.
1. Louisa.
2. Susan
3. Harriet.
4. William II.
5. Eben II.
6. Mary Ann.
7. Andrew.
8. Asenath.
9. Henry.
10. George II.
11. Lurena.
They all lived to maturity,
married and had families.
9. Ann Homer, b. 1 May 1805; d. 20 Apr 1888 at Woodstock, VT.
10. Sybell Ann, b. ca. 1807. (Lineage not ascertained); m. Solomon
Barker of St. Johnsbury, VT, he b. 2 Nov 1802; they had:
1. Henry, d. inf.
2. Elizabeth Ann, b. Sep 1840.
3. George, b. 1843. FARNSWORTH, JR. and his wife Deborah Bennett, had issue in Woodstock, VT: 5th Gen.

* 1. Enos Charles, b. 22 Dec 1786. He m. 22 Sep 1821 in Kingston,
Canada, Frances Hale, b. 13 Jan 1794 at Rutland, VT.
2. Fanny, b. 3 Dec 1788; m. Feb 1807 Silas Massey of Jacksonville,

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IL. Both d. ae. over 80.
3. Charlotte, b. 24 Mar 1790; d. 23 Aug 1812.
4. Laura, b. 1791; m. 1 Apr 1822 Samuel Myrick.
5. Terah, b. 1793; unm. Was a merchant in Galena, IL.
6. Sarah Bennett, b. 14 Apr 1792.
7. Asa, b. 28 Mar 1794.
8. Ora, b. 1794; d. 7 Jun 1812; prob.twin to Asa.
9. William, b. 20 Jan 1796; d. ae. 2 days.
10. Stephen, b. 1797; m. 16 Feb 1831 Adaline Myrick. It is said
they lived in Woodstock, VT, and had 5 daus.
* 11. Elon, b. 2 Feb 1799; m. 7 May 1830, Harriett Blake of Keene,
NH. He d. 24 Mar 1877; she d. 1879. Elon Farnsworth was a
farmer's boy and passed his early years on his father's farm
in Woodstock, VT. But he early developed studious habits and
acquired a taste for books that made him devour all that fell in
his way. He dipped into the classics and with very little assistance
mastered the intricacies of classic lore; the love of which,
and a fondness for the great writers of old, remained with him
as a solace and a comfort through all his busy life. He went to
Detroit, MI in 1822 and began the study of law with the firm of
Whitney & Sibley. MI was then a Territory and Sibley was soon
appointed a Judge, and Elon continued his studies with Mr. Whitney,
and in due time was admitted to the bar at Detroit. His
studious habits, clear head and retentive memory, commended
him so strongly to his instructor that young Farnsworth was retained
in the business; and as Mr. Whitney d. not long after, he
succeeded to the business. This he managed with such success
that his fame rose rapidly. His professional opinions were
sought in all directions and at an unusually early age, he was
recognized as one of the leading lawyers of the Territory, and
was generally conceded to stand at the head of the bar.
He was a member of the Legislative Council of the Territory
of MI, to which he was elected in 1834. Soon after this,
he formed a copartnership with Daniel Goodwin, and the firm of
Farnsworth & Goodwin was engaged in the most extensive law
practice then known in the Northwest. On the organization of
the State government in 1836, the judiciary of the State of MI
was organized with a Chancery Court, and he was appointed the
first Chancellor. In this judicial office, he served with ability
until he resigned on account of ill health in 1843. His opinions
are published in Harrington's Chancery Reports, and they have
led in the development of the law in the State of MI. After his
resignation as Chancellor, he was appointed Attorney-General
of the State, which office he held for two years. He was, by

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virtue of his office as Chancellor, a Regent of the University

during his entire term of service. In 1846 he became Regent
by appointment until 1850, and by re-appointment until 1852,
when he was chosen by popular election and he retained the
office until 1858.
In 1846, when the MI Central R.R. Co. was organized,
he was chosen director, resident at Detroit, which office he
held for about twenty years. In 1849, he was chosen president
of the Detroit Savings Bank and held that office until his death.
He gave daily personal attention to its affairs, except during
short periods of absence from the State, until within a few
months of his death.
* 12. John, b. 1801, possibly m. (1) in Boston, MA. He m. (2) Frances
Bowen Pratt of Fredonia, OH. John and his young wife
came to Detroit from New York State, with a personal letter,
introducing him to General Lewis Cass, from DeWitt Clinton,
later governor of NY. He was a fine student and teacher, lived
only a short time in Detroit with his brother, Elon, later Chancellor
Farnsworth. Then he moved to Galena, IL, the possibilities
of the West luring him from Detroit. Shortly afterwards,
John died, his wid. and three ch. returning to Detroit, where
they were educated.
13. Harriet, m. John Frink; they lived in Peoria, IL. She d. 1884;
had 2 sons.
14. Deborah, b. 1805; d. 15 Jun 1826 at Woodstock. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Sally Patten, had issue in Eaton, P.Q.: 6th Gen.

* 1. James Patten, b. 10 May 1810; m. (1) Jun 1834, Achsah Hudson,
she b. 1811; she d. 1853; m. (2) Mrs. Mary Amelia Halleck.
2. Mary, b. 1812; m. 1835, Augustus Cotton in MI; she d. 1890;
had 2 ch., viz: 7th Gen.
1. Ansorietta.
2. John A.
3. Charlotte, b. 1814; m. Joseph M. Holden; she d.; they had 3 ch.
viz: 7th Gen.
1. Thomas.
2. Sarah.
3. Frank.
4. Sarah, b. 1816; d. 1840, unm.
5. Eunice, b. 1818; m. Dec 1842 Dr. Nicholas Hurd; she d. 1853;
they had 2 ch., viz.: 7th Gen.
1. Fred, b. 24 Aug 1848; lost at sea 4 Nov 1875.
2. Genevieve, b. 13 Sep 1850; m. 23 Dec 1873, George F.
Wright and lived in CA.
6. Gen. John Franklin, b. 27 Mar 1820; m. 12 Oct 1846, Mary A.
Clark, dau. John and Mary. He early moved to MI and engaged

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with his father in surveying. He acquired an academic education
such as was accessible in that new country; studied law and
was admitted to the bar in IL. He settled for the practice of
his profession at St. Charles in 1842, and removed from there
to Chicago in 1852. He was elected to the Congress of the
United States by the district in which he lived and was a member
of the 35th, 36th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st and 42d Congress. On
the breaking out of the Rebellion, John Franklin Farnsworth
raised the Eighth Regiment of IL Cavalry and was appointed its
Colonel. He took it to the Army of the Potomac in Oct 1861.
He was promoted to be Brigadier General, 29 Nov 1862. He
participated in the advance on Bull Run and the Rappahannock
in March 1862, and in the battles of the Peninsula campaign
that summer. His regiment was in the advance from Williamsburg
to Mechanicsville under General Stoneman, who was Chief
of Cavalry for the army and who, in making up his brigade for
the advance, selected the Eighth IL Cavalry as one of this brigade,
and placed it upon the right. In the change of base from
the Chickahominy to James River, Co; Farnsworth's regiment
was assigned to conduct a very large train of valuable property
of the army to the "James," which was safely done by a night
march, arriving near the river at Haxall's landing at about
3 o'clock, 30 June 1862 and from thence, sent the train the
following day to Harrison's Landing.
When the Army of the Potomac returned to Washington abt.
the last of Aug 1862, at the time of the second battle of Bull Run,
and moved up into Maryland, as the Confederates were moving
towards Harper's Ferry, his regiment formed part of the advance
column of the army under Gen. Pleasanton. He was then
put in comm and of a brigade, consisting of his own regiment
and the Third Indiana Cavalry; and on the 7th Sep 1862, he led

the advance from Darnstown, MD, through Poolesville, where
he had a skirmish with the enemy, driving them out of town and
occupying it that night. The next day he pushed on to Barnesville,
capturing enroute 25 or 30 prisoners, and a flag of the Eighth
VA Cavalry. At Barnesville, another engagement took place, in
which the enemy retreated.
On the 11th Sep, he captured Sugar Loaf Mountain, which
had been used by the enemy as a signal station. From there,
marching through Frederick, MD, he had several encounters
between that city and South Mountain where the enemy were in
force, and the battle of Sep 14th was fought. On the 15th, early
in the morning, he was ordered to advance, which he did, going
over the mountain with only eight companies of his regiment and

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charging impetuously a brigade of the enemy's Cavalry at the
village of Boonsboro. Here, considering the numbers engaged,
was one of the severest cavalry encounters of the war, embracing
a succession of charges and counter-charges and hand-to-hand
fighting. The enemy was vanquished; their commander unhorsed,
escaped through a cornfield; four pieces of artillery and
over two hundred prisoners were taken, and many were killed
and wounded, with a loss to Farnsworth's command of two prisoners,
six or eight wounded and none killed.
The battle of Antietam followed and the enemy was driven across
the Potomac in full retreat. Later in the fall, upon our army
crossing the Potomac, the cavalry had active duty to perform,
and Col. Farnsworth was engaged in many sharp encounters
with the enemy, notably at Purcelville, Philamont, Upperville,
Barber's Cross Roads, Chester Gap, Amesville and Little
Washington; reaching Falmouth, opposite Fredericksburg, VA,
Nov 22, where that unfortunate battle was fought which closed
the campaign for the year. It was at the close of this movement,
29 Nov 1862, while still in the field, and in recognition of his
services, that he was raised to the rank of Brigadier General.
General Farnsworth had had no military education or experience
until he raised his first regiment. But his judgment and perception
of the advantages of any position in which he was placed,
served him remarkably well in place of military training. Abt.
the close of the campaign in 1862, he received severe injuries
that disabled him from further service in the field, and in 1863
he resigned his commission and devoted himself to the service
of his country in ways in which he could be more efficient. In
the fall of 1862, he was again elected to Congress, taking his
place there in December 1863, serving continuously for ten years.
In the winter of 1863, he obtained orders from the War Dep't
and raised another regiment for service in the field -- the Seventeenth
IL Cavalry -- which enabled him to secure the promotion
of many of the officers and men who had served under him in the
Eighth Cavalry; and his old regiment eventually produced two
brigadier-generals, five brigadier-generals by brevet, two
colonels, and three of his officers were appointed majors of
cavalry in the regular army, etc.
His labors in Congress were able, effective and appreciated.
He was a firm and forcible speaker, a ready debater, a dangerous
foe to attack and a valuable advocate and friend. After leaving
Congress, he returned to the practice of his profession of
the law.

Page 370 FARNSWORTH and his wife, Tabitha Barlow, had issue in Eaton, P.Q.: 6th Gen.

1. Thomas, b. 1807. He m. Mary Ann Sage French, b. 1820; d.
1880, dau. Dea. Levi and Matilda (Osgood) French.
2. Mary, b. ca. 1809; m. Alfred Labaree of Sandhill.
3. Nancy, b. ca. 1811; m. Jonas Osgood of Eaton, b. 1823, son
of Jonas and Melinda (Rice) Osgood. 7th Gen.
1. Stephen Osgood, b. 1851; was postmaster of Cookshire.
4. Samuel, b. ca. 1813; went to CA in 1849.
5. Joel, b. ca. 1815; went to parts unknown, supposedly Australia.
6. George; one report says he lived in Dudswell and never m.;
another report says he had one son.
7. Clarissa or Ellen, b. ca. 1819; m. Warren Graves in IL. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Phebe Lothrop, had issue near Cookshire, P.Q.: 6th Gen.

1. Charles L., b. 1815; m. (1) Adaline Haskell of Lennoxville;
d. 1843 and (2) (?). He was, for many years, clerk of the
court of Compton, P.Q.
* 2. David Albert, b. 2 Aug 1821; d. 17 Jul 1900. He m. 8 Mar
1848 Nancy Sophia Stevens.
3. William; d. unm.
4. Lorenzo; went west.
5. Catherine; m. Henry Bishop; he d. 1874, ae. 60.
6. Eleanor; m. Elisha Kingsley. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Abigail Huntington, had issue: 6th Gen.

1. Maria; m. Elahan W. Lyman, b. 27 Feb 1799 at Hartford, CT;
d. 1 Sep 1827. 7th Gen.
1. Emma Lyman, b. 27 Nov 1825; d. 1827.
2. Frederick Lyman, b. 19 Sep 1799; m. Caroline Willis.
3. Caroline Lyman, b. 20 Jan 1827; d. 1827.
2. Havilah, Jr., b. 1794; m. Cynthia Dillie, b. 1804, dau. David
and Mary (Saylor) Dillie of Euclid, OH. 7th Gen.
1. George, b. 1834.
2. Maria, b. 1837.
3. Thomas, b. 1840.
4. Ellen, b. 1844.
3. Minerva, b. 1797, prob. in Cooperstown, NY; d. 1864 in Euclid.
She m. 14 Mar 1827 Benjamin Hamilton, b. 1794/1804 in PA;
d. 1844 at Euclid.
4. Francis H.; living on 16 Dec 1833 when mentioned in his father's

Page 371

5. Caroline. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Betsey Peck, had issue in Windsor, VT: 6th Gen.

* 1. Oliver, b. 18 Jun 1796; went to Canada and learned the carpenter's
trade. After returning, he m. (1) in 1820 Nancy Rice;
she d. 1824 and he m. (2) 18 Jan 1827 Edna King, b. 11 Apr
1810 at Boston, MA. He d. 24 Dec 1882 near Hicksville, OH.
2. Elijah; went to Canada and became a carpenter. He is prob.
the Elijah Farnsworth listed as ae. 47, living in Woodford Co.,
IL in 1850 with his wife, Mary Ann; William Green, ae. 17 was
living with them, relationship, if any, unknown.
* 3. Betsey, b. 2 Nov 1802 in VT; m. 10 Apr 1828 Jared Pierce, Jr.,
b. ca. 1802 at Osw ego, NY; d. 15 Jul 1867, son of Jared and
Elsie (Groton) Pierce.
4. Esther; d. ae. 18 of Spotted Fever.
* 5. Abijah, Jr., b. ca. 1804; m. Aug 1826 Lucy Thomas, both of
Woodstock, VT; she b. 1800; d. 16 Nov 1845.
* 6. Samson (Sampson), b. ca. 1808; m. Caroline (???), b. ca.
1818 in NY. Between 1850 and 1880, they lived in Woodford
Co., IL; she d. before 1880. FARNSWORTH, JR. and his wife, Nancy Mumford, had issue in Woodstock, VT: 6th Gen.

1. Anna Marie, b. 1800; m. Lewis Gallup of Woodstock.
2. William, b. ca. 1802; d. unm.
3. Paul, b. ca. 1804; m. Martha Fulton. 7th Gen.
1. Charles; m. in CA.
2. William; in 1895 res. in Minneapolis, MN.
4. Eliza Wheeler, b. ca. 1806; m. Nathan Guilford. BREWER FARNSWORTH and his wife, Sarah Slayton, had issue in Woodstock, VT: 6th Gen.

1. Augusta S., b. 18 Apr 1821; m. 4 Jan 1841 in Woodstock,
Charles B. Allen.
2. Lucy C.R., b. 25 Jan 1823.
* 3. Jonathan Brewer, b. 20 Apr 1825; m. Maria Augustus Hatch,
b. 1833 in Woodstock; d. 11 Feb 1916 at Rutland, VT, dau. Henry
and Emily (White) Hatch. He was a lawyer, res. Chester, VT.

4. Clara D., b. 6 May 1827; d. 6 Aug 1858 at Wethersfield, VT.
5. Susan D., b. 3 Jun 1829.
6. Cassandra H., b. 17 Aug 1831.
7. Harriet M., b. 28 Jul 1834. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Fanny Parker, had

Page 372

issue in Woodstock, VT, prob. before he moved to Hartsgrove, OH.: 6th Gen.

* 1. William, b. 15 Feb 1818 before his father moved to OH. William
was brought up by a wealthy man named Russell A. Gibbs
of Lanesboro, MA and he went by the name of William Gibbs
Farnsworth. He m. (1) 25 Jun 1843, Sybil Fessenden, b. 8
Jul 1820; she d. 11 Sep 1844. He m. (2) 11 Sep 1845, her sister,
Betsey Fessenden, b. 28 May 1829. Betsey was the wid.
of William Tanner, b. 23 Jul 1805, d. 27 Sep 1841, by whom
she had one son, William. Betsey d. 28 Jun 1888. William res.
many years at Adams, MA; was one of the good, benevolent
men of the world, strictly moral and upright; a loving disposition
and generous to a fault. Was selectman, treasurer and
collector of the town; postmaster; landlord of the "Greylock;"
sheriff of the town 32 years; Republican in politics; member of
the Masonic order, etc. He d. 4 Sep 1884 in Adams, much
loved and respected by all.
2. Nahum.
3. Oliver.
4. Alvin C., m. (???) (???), and had: Mary Ellen, b. 17 May 1839;
m. 17 May 1859 Edward R. Strong of Strongville, OH; he b. 4
May 1832.
5. Henry.
6. Mary.
7. Martha. CHARLES FARNSWORTH and his wife, Frances Hale, had issue: 6th Gen.

1. Sarah, b. 1822 in St. Charles Co., MO.
* 2. Enos Hale, b. 25 Jan 1825; d. 21 Jun 1910 at McLean, IL. He
m. 7 Oct 1852 Sarah Ann Longworth, b. 16 Dec 1831; d. 12 Jul
1897 at McLean, dau. of John and Prudence P. Edwards of
Morgan Co., OH. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Hannah Blake, had issue in Detroit, MI: 6th Gen.

1. Mary Louise, b. 15 Dec 1832; m. Gen. Orlando B. Willcox of
the U.S. Army. Their son:
1. Elon Farnsworth. Grad. of West Point and First Lieut.
of the 6th Regt. U.S. Cav.
2. Carolyn Frances, b. 10 Aug 1834; m. Jared Francis Harrison,
an eminent lawyer of NY. FARNSWORTH and his (1st ?) wife, had issue, prob. in Boston, MA: 6th Gen.

1. Henry A., of Boston; m. 6 Jun 1850, Julia Cushman.
By his wife, Frances Bowen Pratt, he had:

Page 373

2. Belle; m. Thos M. Mooney who was engaged in the railroad
business. She later moved to Ohio where she lived with her son,
Granville Mooney and her dau., Sadie Belle Mooney.
3. Terah. He went to New York to school and entered into business.
His tastes were esthetic. He belonged to the New York
Society of Ethical Culture and wrote many essays and books,
which he presented to the Society. He was unm. and lived in
NY until his death.
* 4. George, b. 26 Nov 1835 in Galena, IL; d. 23 Mar 1906. He m.
29 Apr 1879 in Indianapolis, IN, Mary Agnes Walker, dau.
Henry and Isabel Walker of NY.

"In his early youth George became interested in telegraphy,

then a new invention. He made rapid strides in his chosen vocation, becoming manager of the Cleveland and Erie Telegraph Co., which he was also interested in building. He built the first telegraph line from Pittsburg to New Orleans and restored Chicago's telegraphic communication with the outside world after the great fire. In 1859, he took a prominent part in building the Detroit and Milwaukee railroad, and during the Civil War, built various military lines connecting Cincinnati with the South. In 1865, he succeeded Henry M. Utley as city editor of the Detroit Free Press. This was his only deviation from railroad and telegraph work. After leaving the Free Press, he built and managed the Atlantic and Pacific lines, and later built the Mutual Union lines between Chicago, Toledo and Detroit. In 1866, Mr. Farnsworth built the Michigan Postal telegraph Co's lines and became a stockholder in that concern, when this company was absorbed by the Postal Telegraph Co., in 1891. Shortly after this, he supervised the construction of the Public Lighting system of Detroit, which when this was completed, Mr. Farnsworth became associated with the Michigan State Telephone Company, where he remained fourteen years until his death.


SIXTH GENERATION PATTEN FARNSWORTH and his wife, Achsah Hudson, had issue in Green Oak, MI: 7th Gen.

1. Robert, d. young.
2. Gen. Elon John, b. 30 Jul 1837.

He entered the University at Ann Arbor, MI and while a student there in 1857, he joined the expedition then fitting out by the United States Army, against the Mormons in Utah, and was assigned as foragemaster to the Quartermaster's Dep't. In the spring of 1859, he was one of the "detachment of the

Page 374

army" which was sent from Camp Floyd, Utah, to the Mountain Meadows. Whitney's History of Utah, vol. 1, page 707, speaking of the "massacre" and its endings, says:

"In the spring of 1859, a detachment of troops from Camp Floyd, sent out for the purpose, gathered up the scattered bones and buried them in one spot, erecting over them a rude cairn, against which leaned a slab bearing the inscription: "Here 120 men, women and ch. were massacred in cold blood, early in Sep 1857." Surmounting the cairn was a cross bearing the words: "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Nothing remains now to mark the place of sepulchre; cairn and cross have yielded to the action of the elements and have crumbled and disappeared."

In 1861, he returned home and immediately joined the Eighth IL Cavalry, then being organized by his uncle, Col. John Franklin Farnsworth, and was appointed assistant quartermaster. He was elected Capt. of Company K, and served in the Peninsula Campaign in Virginia, and early in 1863 he was acting Lieut. Col. and Chief Quartermaster of the Fourth Army Corps. He was under the chief command of General Pleasanton, who commended him in his reports for gallant and meritorious services. In May 1863 he was aide on his Staff, and earned the esteem of his commander and admiration of his fellow officers. June 29, 1863, on the eve of the battle of Gettysburg, he was commissioned Brigadier-General of Cavalry. He being on detached service at the time, the commission did not reach him, but was among Gen. Pleasanton's papers at headquarters until after the battle in which he lost his life. He was, however, immediately assigned to the command of a brigade in Kilpatrick's cavalry division, comprising the First Vermont, First West Virginia, Fifth New York and Eighteenth PA regiments. As the battle was coming on, it was impossible to procure the uniform of his rank. Gen. Pleasanton generously placed his own wardrobe at his service, and on the field of Gettysburg, he wore on of Pleasanton's blue coats, decorated with a single star.

Late on the third day of the battle, Jul 3, 1863, after Pickett's charge had been repulsed, Farnsworth's brigade occupied a position on a wooded hill to the left of Round Top. Immediately in front were the enemy's skirmish line and the First Texas regiment, posted behind a rail fence. The First West Virginia regiment was ordered to charge the Texans, with a battalion of the First Vermont as skirmishers. It charged in gallant style


only to receive a volley, the deadly fire of which caused them to recoil. The regiment rallied and charged again, and a second

Page 375

time it was compelled by the storm of bullets to fall back, with its ranks greatly thinned.

It was then that Kilpatrick, angered by the failure to dislodge the Texas regiment, ordered the charge that has been the subject of much discussion, and general, though not universal, condemnation. The ground was bad for cavalry movements. The objective point was the rear of Law's Confederate brigade, intrenched on the sloping sides of Round Top. The intervening ground was hilly and uneven, while stone walls, rail and worn fences of that section greatly increased the difficulties to be encountered. At various points of advantage were posted regiments of Confederate infantry and artillery. It was a charge by a shattered remnant of a brigade into the midst of a well posted army of infantry. It has been called by a Confederate witness, "a mad charge by a mad leader." Astonished at an order that seemed to have little purpose other than the slaughter of his brave soldiers, Farnsworth, who had the true soldier's regard for his men, asked Kilpatrick if he really meant he should throw his handful of men over the broken ground before them, remarking, "These are too good men to kill." The impetuous Kilpatrick hotly retorted: "Do you refuse? If you are afraid to lead your men, I will lead them myself." Rising in his saddle, his face radiant with conscious strength and courage, and burning with indignation, Farnsworth passionately yet calmly replied: "Take that back! I ask no man to lead my men forward." There was a moment's silence, and then Kilpatrick, with a magnanimity that was manly and creditable, acknowledged his error, and the two commanders engaged in a conversation that was not heard by others.

General Farnsworth soon rode to the head of the Third Battalion, consisting of about two hundred men, the remnant of the First Vermont, and ordered the charge. With drawn sabres, they rode through the Confederate skirmish line, into the fields beyond, over the fences, and made as bold a dash for Lee's army as if they had been supported by the entire Union forces. While the First Battalion, in advance, was extricating itself from the Fourth Alabama, whose volley it received within a few paces, and which was the first intimation of the presence of the Confederates at that point, Gen. Farnsworth, with the Third Battalion, circled to the right towards the enemy's line of battle. Skirting a low hill to the rear of Law's brigade, this few score of gallant men, led by their noble General, literally entered the "jaws of death." Charging along a stone wall between the hill and Law's brigade, they were exposed to the close

Page 376

enfilading fire of several Confederate regiments on the right, and of the Fourth Alabama on the left. They emerged from this only to receive the close fire of a battery, and here the remnant of this heroic band broke into three parties. General Farnsworth, still unscathed, rode some distance farther, until his horse fell under him. A trooper dismounted. Farnsworth sprang into the saddle, wheeled, and followed by a few troopers, (???) Confederate reports say there were not more than ten with him when he fell, (???) at full gallop, charged again and again. * * * * It is not strange that the Confederates looked upon him as the mad leader of madmen.

Incredible as it seems, Gen. Farnsworth, with Capt. Cushman and about ten of the VT troopers, on the return charge, penetrated in safety very nearly to the point where they first entered between the hill and the stone wall in the rear of the Confederate column. A few more strides and they would have been out of reach of rebel bullets, and the intrepid commander would have lived to attain greater rank and distinction but for one last rash act (???) the culmination of courageous consecration. On the extreme right of the enemy's line of battle was the Fifteenth Alabama. Dashing along the stone wall in their rear, Farnsworth saw approaching a small detachment of the First Battalion of his brigade, from which he had long been separated. Raising his sabre as a signal to follow, he cleared the stone wall and charged the Fifteenth Alabama. * * * Here he fell, with five mortal wounds in his body and his riderless horse tore through the enemy's lines. In the Confederate reports of his charge, he is confounded with Capt. Cushman, who wore a linen coat that made him a conspicuous figure in the charge, and who fell by his side, and who fought with his revolver until he became


insensible. Farnsworth died in the saddle. There was no wound in his head or face.

James Patten Farnsworth had by 2d wife:

3. Julius M., born 1855. JOHN FRANKLIN FARNSWORTH and his wife, Mary A. Clark, had issue in Washington, D. C.: 7th Gen.

1. John, b. 5 Sep 1855; m. Mary Henderson, dau. Gen. Thomas J.
and Henrietta (Butler) Henderson. (Gen. Henderson was M.C. of
IL). They had: 8th Gen.
1. Gertrude, b. 30 Aug 1889.
2. John, b. 31 Jan 1891.
3. Eunice, b. 18 Dec 1892.
Gen. John F. Farnsworth had other ch., who all d. in infancy,
names not obtained.

Page 377 FARNSWORTH and his wife, Mary Ann Sage French, had issue in Eaton, P.Q.: 7th Gen.

1. Charles French, b. 19 Mar 1843; d. 6 Jul 1852.
2. Achsah Maria, b. 11 Apr 1845; unm.
3. Emma Jane, b. 22 Jan 1847; m. Edwin Beech of Guildhill, VT
and had three sons and three dau.
4. Samuel Watson, b. 15 Nov 1848; d. 28 Jun 1852.
5. Elon Berney, b. 17 Feb 1851; d. 28 Jun 1852.
6. Albie Ann Sage, b. 30 Sep 1853; d. 19 Sep 1856.
7. Thomas Franklin, b. 20 Feb 1856; d. 21 Sep 1856.
* 8. John Avery, b. 4 Apr 1858; m. Maggie R. Edwards.
9. Ellen Almeda, b. 11 May 1860; m. Robert B. French and had
one son.
10. Harry Stephen Thomas, b. 13 Aug 1863; m. Elinor Fanny
Wright and had one son. ALBERT FARNSWORTH and his wife, Nancy Sophia Stevens, had issue: 7th Gen.

1. Gardner Stevens, b. 8 Mar 1849; d. 22 May 1855.
2. Phoebe Deborah, b. 23 Oct 1850; d. Oct 1915. She m. 4 Jun
1879 Joseph A. Rankin.
3. Anna Maria, b. 2 Apr 1852; d. 20 Jan 1899. She m. 31 Dec
1874 John M. Learned.
4. David Edwin, b. 20 Mar 1854; d. 21 Sep 1855.
* 5. Artemeus Stevens, b. 3 Dec 1855 in Township of Eaton, Compton,
Compton Co., P.Q.; d. 12 Apr 1934 in Township of Newport.
He m. 9 Oct 1884 Luvia Amanda Bowker, b. 2 Sep 1855,
Twp. of Newport; d. there 26 Jun 1844.
* 6. Benjamin, b. 7 Jan 1858; d. 10 Feb 1924. He m. 8 Nov 1892
Ella Jane French.
7. Catherine Helena, b. 13 Nov 1859; d. 7 Oct 1925. She m. 26
May 1884 Rev. Barry Pierce, a Methodist minister in Kingston
Dist. 8th Gen.
1. John Pierce.
2. Mildred Pierce.
3. Muriel Pierce; m. Lyall Ames, a mining engineer.
8. Cornelia Ormasinda, b. 30 Mar 1861; d. 17 Jan 1897. She m.
9 Oct 1888 Herbert Rice Bowker.
9. Dorothy Malvina, b. 10 Apr 1863; m. 26 Dec 1895 Lyman
Quartus Bliss. 8th Gen.
1. John Bliss.
2. Dorothy Bliss.
10. Albert Harrington, b. 1 Dec 1866; m. 14 Jun 1895 June Cleary.
8th Gen.
1. Clifford.
2. Arthur.
11. Thomas Oughtred, b. 22 Jun 1868; m. 1 Nov 1899 Elizabeth

Page 378

French. 8th Gen.
1. Esther.
2. Donald. NATHAN FARNSWORTH and his first wife, Nancy Rice, had issue: 7th Gen.

* 1. Milo Rice, b. 21 Aug 1822; m. 25 Mar 1844 Lucy S. Pardee,
b. 21 Jan 1822, res. Cresco, ??A.
By his 2nd wife, Edna King, he had:
* 2. Jane Augusta, b. 9 Jun 1928 in Boston, MA; m. 30 Mar 1845
at Milford, OH as 2d wife, Royal Lord Taylor, b. 1821 in NY,
son of Rev. James and Liddia (Streeter) Taylor. Hem. (1)
3 Jun 1840 Althea Parmelee; she d. Apr 1844.
* 3. Albert, b. 14 Mar 1830 at Boston; d. 29 Aug 1918 at Hicksville,
OH. He m. Eliza Martin, b. 5 May 1834 at Brandon, VT; d.
21 Dec 1894 at Hicksville.
* 4. Francis Oliver, b. 21 Apr 1832 at Boston; d. 13 Aug 1923 at
Hicksville. He m. 21 Apr 1864 Margaret Marrilla (Griswold)
Farnsworth, wid. of his brother, Charles Henry.
5. Ellen Maria, b. 25 Feb 1834 at Boston; d. 25 Jun 1907 at Hicksville.
She m. 21 Jun 1852 at Hicksville, Clement Hulbert.
8th Gen.
1. Wesley Hulbert; d. 1 Jul 1923. He m. Adelphia Hootman.
9th Gen.
1. Irene Hulbert; m. Homer Hootman; had son, Homer
2. Florence Hulbert.
3. Rilla Hulbert; m. at Grand Rapids, MI, Will Jennings. 8th
1. William Jennings; m. and had ch.
2. Frank Jennings; d. 8 Jul 1930 at Grandville, MI.
3. Hattie Jennings; m. Mr. Payette, had ch.
4. Marie Jennings.
5. Katherine Jennings; m. Mr. Fox of Jackson, MI.
4. Edna Hulbert; m. Jason Law. 8th Gen.
1. Dewey Law; m. Esther(???), one ch.
2. Robert Law; m. Ethel(???), one ch.
3. Opha Law; m. Mr. Mathews, had four ch.
5. Opal Hulbert; m. Mr. Swindler. 8th Gen.
1. Vera Swindler.
2. Maria Swindler.
3. Glen Swindler.
4. Helen Swindler.
5. Martha Swindler.
6. Ray Swindler.
7. Gerald Swindler.
6. Frank Hulbert; m. and had ch.
* 6. Eliza Ann, b. 10 Oct 1836 in N. Y. C.; d. 20 Dec 1915 at Otsego,
MI. She m. 1 Nov 1854 at Milford, OH, Jason Bradley Martin,

Page 379

b. 4 Jul 1836 at Dover, OH; d. 26 Apr 1926 at Otsego, son of
Reuben and Thankful (Bolton) Martin.
7. Charles Henry, b. 24 Jul 1836 at Brookfield, OH; d. 26 Mar
1863 and buried in National Cemetery, Murfreesboro, TN. He
m. 24 Dec 1861 at Dover, OH, Margaret Marilla Griswold, b.
Hicksville, OH. She m. (2) his brother, Frances Oliver. No ch.
8. William Harrison, b. 1 Jul 1841 at Brookfield, and twin,
9. Warren Joseph, b. 1 Jul 1841; both d. as infants, one mo. apart.
10. Lucy Minerva, b. 15 Jan 1843 in Milford Twp., OH; m. 1 May
1860 at Milford, OH, Miles B. Beebe. 8th Gen.
1. Clifford Beebe; d. Cascade, CO.
2. Ethel May Beebe.
3. Fay Irene Beebe.
4. Charles Beebe.
11. Mary Melissa, b. 26 Oct 1846 at Milford, OH; d. 12 May 1933
at Hicksville. She m. 14 Jan 1875 in Defiance Co., OH, Sumner
E. Johnson. 8th Gen.
1. Dwight Johnson; m. Nellie(???). 9th Gen.
1. Helen Johnson; m. Merton McFeeters, had 4 ch.
2. Frances Johnson; m. Dale McClellan, had 5 ch.
* 12. Nathan Edwin, b. 15 Mar 1849 in Milford Twp., Defiance Co.,
OH; d. 21 Mar 1946 at Portland, OH. He m. 10 Oct 1876 at
Bloomville, OH, Martha Amanda Newman, b. 15 Jan 1853 at
Bloomville; d. 1 May 1936 at Portland.
13. Edna Louise, b. 15 Jul 1852 in Milford Twp.; m. Mr. Carey
who d. 14 Sep 1871. 8th Gen.
1. Daisy May Carey, b. 16 Nov 1878 in OH; m. 25 Dec 1901
William B. Clark, no. ch.
2. Carrie Cary; m. Alfred Grim. 8th Gen.
3. Virginia Myrehoff Carey, b. 2 Mar 1896 at Portland, OR;
m. 2 Jun 1922 George Drewitt. PIERCE, JR. and his wife, Elizabeth Farnsworth, had issue: 7th Gen.

1. Nancy L., b. 10 May 1829; m. Robert Seymour.
2. Lucy a., b. 25 Mar 1831.
3. Franklin Elijah, b. 19 Jan 1834; d. 31 Jul 1896, m. Nancy Kerr.
4. Oliver, b. 10 Jan 1837; d. 6 Mar 1910. He m. (1) Evaline
Wood and (2) Nancy Kerr Pierce.
* 5. Plummer Frederick, b. 7 Apr 1838; d. 16 Dec 1924. He m.
(1) 21 Jul 1862 at Cambridge, IL, Jane Ann Wier, b. 29 Mar
1845 at Vinton, OK, dau. John and Nancy (Kipp) Wier and (2)
Canzada Bower.
6. Stephen Milo, b. 13 Aug 1840; d. 7 Oct 1845. FARNSWORTH, JR. and his wife, Lucy Thomas,

Page 380

had issue: 7th Gen.

* 1. Philo A. (later known as Charles Philo), b. 12 Oct 1829 in
Woodstock, VT; d. 29 Oct 1902. He m. (1) 17 Sep 1849 Harriet
Amanda Partridge; d. 26 Aug 1868 at E. Stoughton, MA, dau.
Allen and Peggy Johnson (Daniels) Partridge and (2) ca. 1870
or 71 at E. Stoughton, Mary Ann Dolan, b. 17 May 1851 there;
d. 1 Apr 1900 at Brockton, buried at Avon (known as E. Stoughton
until 1891.). He served through the Civil War in Co. I.,
3rd. Btn., 1st MA Cav. and after the war until mustered out,
14 Nov 1865. His unit played a vital part leading to the surrender
of General Lee's Army where he witnessed with his comrads,
the surrender of Lee on Palm Sunday, 9 Apr 1865.
2. Orlando F., known as Frederick.
3. Rodney; could be the Rodney O., b. ca. 15 Feb 1836 in VT;
d. 20 Oct 1858 in NY.
4. Vernon. (SAMPSON) FARNSWORTH and his wife, Caroline (???), had issue: 7th Gen.

1. Esther, b. 1837 in NY.
2. George, b. 1839.
3. Ann, b. 1841.
4. Elijah, b. 1844.
5. Eliza, b. 1846.
6. Chancey, b. 1849; m. Lucy (???), b. 1857 in IL. 8th Gen.
1. Oliver, b. 1879 in Woodford Co., IL.
7. Caroline, b. 1854 in Woodford Co. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Martha Fulton, had issue: 7th Gen.

1. Charles, m. in CA and died there.
2. William, res. in 1895, Minneapolis, MN, and was in Chamber
of Commerce building. BREWER FARNSWORTH and his wife, Maria Augustus Hatch, had issue: 7th Gen.

1. George Henry, b. 21 Apr 1860 in Detroit, MI and was a veterinarian
in Rutland, VT. He m. 5 Dec 1886 at Rutland, Jessie F.
Kellog, dau. Smith F. and Serviah (Rounds) Kellog.
2. James Slayton, b. 15 Jul 1866 at Windsor, VT and lived at
Meriden, CT.
3. Walter Kellog, b. 17 Nov 1870; d. 2 Aug 1829, was a lawyer in
Rutland, VT.
* 4. Arthur White, b. 16 Nov 1872 at Windsor, was a dentist in Rutland.

Page 381

He m. 5 Jun 1907 Lillian L. Austin, dau. Daniel and
Lucretia (Bullard) Austin of Pittsford, VT. He was a Mason. (G.) FARNSWORTH and his first wife, Sybil Fessenden, had issue in Adams, MA; 7th Gen.

1. Sybil E., b. 30 June 1844; m. 18 Sep 1867, Daniel Lapham of
Adams, MA. She d. 18 Sep 1869; had 1 ch.: 8th Gen.
1. Bessie, b. 26 Jun 1869, d. 19 Nov 1869.
By 2d wife, Betsey (Fessenden) Tanner, he had:
2. Hattie Adelia, b. 25 Nov 1846; m. 2 Oct 1872, Henry J. Darby,
b. 11 Apr 1850; she d. 20 Jun 1866; they had: 8th Gen.
1. Jennie Lula, b. 24 Apr 1874; d. 31 Aug 1874.
2. Bessie Lela, (twin), b. 24 Apr 1874, d. 4 Sep 1874.
3. Lilly May, b. 13 Jan 1880, d. 15 Jan 1880.
4. Anna Maria, b. 18 Mar 1882.
3. Eliza Amelia, b. 25 Nov 1846, (twin); m. 13 May 1868, Charles
E. Fisk; had:
1. Sybil F., b. 31 Oct 1870, d. 31 Oct 1872.
This marriage of Eliza's proved to be unfortunate, and she was div.
She res. in Adams, MA and had the care of her sister's ch., Anna. HALE FARNSWORTH and his wife, Sarah Ann Longworth, had issue at McLean, IL; 7th Gen.

1. Clara A., b. 2 Aug 1853; d. 8 Apr 1914. She m. 27 Feb 1879
Charles Pumphrey.
* 2. Frank Alan, (adopted) b. 14 Oct 1861; d. 6 Mar 1941. He m.
(1) 12 Oct 1882 Jessie Rosalie Huff, b. 25 Jan 1862 at Lincoln,
IL; d. 18 Mar 1884 at McLean, dau. T. J. and Caroline (Walt-Man)
Huff. He m. (2) 25 Dec 1887 at Atlanta, IL, Minnie
Catherine Dowdy, b. 13 May 1869 at Atlanta, IL; d. 16 Jan 1952
at Maroa, IL.
3. Terah Enos, b. 7 Apr 1865; d. 17 Feb 1897. He m. Effie Kinsey.
4. Fannie, b. ca. 1867; m. 25 Dec 1889 Almond H. Linebarger. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Mary Agnes Walker, had issue: 7th Gen.

1. George Elon, who received his education in the public schools
and in a splendid college preparatory school, and went East to
an Episcopalian school for boys. After completing his studies,
he worked with his father for a time and was since identified
with automobile business and District Manager for Willys Overland.
He was a member of several clubs, among them the
Wolverine Automobile Club. In 1909 he m. Josephine Hull, dau.
Caroline Worcester and Charles Hull -- a member of another of

Page 382

Detroit's old families. They had no ch.
2. Amy Louise, prominently identified with the literary and musical
life in Detroit (???) she received her education in Detroit,
first in the Public Schools and later in a School of Girls (???)
then spending four years in New York City in pursuing musical
and studying dramatic art for which she was conceded to be of
Detroit's cleverest amateurs and appeared frequently for various
philanthropies, in which she was interested. She was an active
member of the Twentieth Century Club (???) was an organizer of
the Twentieth Century Club (???) was an organizer of the Detroit
Center of the Dramatic League of America, The Mt. Vernon
Society, The Three Arts Club of New York. Amy Louise Farnsworth
res. with her mother, Mrs, George Farnsworth and
her brother, Grover Dickinson Farnsworth.
3. Grover Dickinson received his education in the Detroit's Public

Schools, then went to the Syracuse University. He was always
active in the High School and University athletics. Immediately
after finishing his college education, the automobile business
attracted him and he became first assistant, then advertising
Manager of the Everett-Metzger-Flanders Company until 1912,
when he organized Detroit Enclosed Body Company, Automobile
Parts Manufacturing Co, of which he was Vice President and
General Manager.
Among his clubs were: The Psi Epsilon Fraternity, the Detroit Boat Club and The Country Club, Detroit Tennis Club. He was a very conspicuous figure in the amateur rowing events of America, being a member of the Detroit Boat Club crew, which won the Championship of America and was several times a prominent competitor at the Annual Canadian Henley held at St. Catharines.


SEVENTH GENERATION AVERY FARNSWORTH and his wife, Maggie R. Edwards, had issue: 8th Gen.

1. Emma; m. J. D. McFadgen. No ch.
2. Mary; unm.
3. Clara; unm.
4. Arthur; m. Thelma Becking and had:
1. Margaret.
2. Donald.
* 5. Orrin; m. Marcia Swenson. STEVENS FARNSWORTH and his wife, Luvia

Page 383

Amanda Bowker, had issue in Township of Newport, Compton Co., Que. 8th Gen.

* 1. Lewis Bowker, b. 20 Jan 1886; m. (1) 18 Aug 1918 at Sawyerville,
Que., Emma Mae Smith; d. 23 Jun 1923, dau. William
and Annie Smith and (2) 15 Sep 1932 in Hardwick, VT, Lulu
Irene (Westgate) Benjamin, b. 13 Jan 1895, dau. Isaac and
Ellen Westgate. He was appointed Ass't Sec'y-Treasurer for
Township of Newport in 1912, becoming Sec'y-Treasurer in
1934, a post he was still filling in 1973.
2. Charles Albert; d. 3 May 1910.
3. Agnes Stevens; d. 29 Sep 1922.
4. Henry Alton; d. 1 Jun 1970.
5. Luvia Minerva; living in Sherbrooke, Que. (1973).
6. Dorothy; d. 1 Jun 1920. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Ella Jane French, had issue at Cookshire, Que.: 8th Gen.

* 1. Raymond Harrington, b. 13 Sep 1893; d. 10 Sep 1970. He m.
24 Jun 1925 Agnes Constance Ford, b. 4 Nov 1899 at Portneuf,
2. Evelyn Orma. RICE FARNSWORTH and his wife, Lucy S. Pardee, had issue: 8th Gen.

1. Agatha, b. 17 May 1846 in IL.
2. Byron Wallace, b. 27 May 1848 in IL.
3. Clinton, b. 1 Mar 1850 in IA.
4. De Ette, b. 22 Mar 1852 in IA.
5. Mary, b. 1 Jun 1854 in IA.
6. Frank, b. 25 Jul 1856 in IA.
7. Charley, b. 22 Aug 1857 in IA.
8. Etta, b. 2 Aug 1859 in IA.
9. Ida Lovina, b. 11 Jul 1861 in IA; d. 1864.
10. Olive Loraine, b. 18 Jul 1863 in IA; d. 1864. LORD TAYLOR and his wife, Jane Augusta Farnsworth, had issue: 8th Gen.

1. Eliza Lorena, b. 5 Jul 1846; d. 1844 at Defience, OH.
2. Royal Oliver, b. 10 May 1849 at Franklin, OH; d. 23 Oct 1917
in WI. He m. Fanny (???). 9th Gen.
1. Earl, b. 19 Nov 1887; m. 13 Sep 191_ Olga (???).
2. Roy; m. and had a son.
3. Clair, b. 18 Jun 1899; m. 5 Sep 1923 Ruth Vance.
* 3. Frances Anna Caroline, b. 24 Sep 1851 at Milford, OH; d. 25
Mar 1939 at Hopkins, MI. She m. 6 Mar 1884 Byron Duryea,
b. 1847 in OH; d. 1886 at Hopkins.

4. Florence Ida Arabella, b. 21 Jan 1858 at Williams Center, OH;
d. 3 Dec 1926 at Hopkins, MI. She m. Jun 1876 Will Porter.
10th Gen.
1. Blanch Porter, b. 5 Oct 1880; m. Mr. Lay; d. Santa Ana,
2. Roy Porter, b. 11 Sep 1876 at Hopkins; d. 1944 in N.Y.C.
He m. (1) 20 Mar 1896 Mable Moorehead (div.) and (2) in
3. Howard Leroy Porter, b. 25 Jul 1900 at Inster, IL; m. at
Columbus, OH, Edna Marie Lordier. 9th Gen.
1. Elaine Marie Porter.
2. Howard Porter, Jr.
3. Shirley May Porter.
4. John ClaytonPorter.
4. Lawrence William Porter, b. 1897; m. Jul 1920 Louise
Blacker. 9th Gen.
1. Elenore Porter.
2. Robert Porter.
3. Roberta Porter.
4. Richard Porter; d. 1927.
5. Gladys Marie Porter, b. 24 Jun 1898; m. 2 Dec 1922
William G. Ryan. 9th Gen.
1. William B. Ryan, b. 1923.
2. Robert Ryan, b. 1935.
6. Harold Judson Porter, b. 20 Aug 1902; m. Don Linsley.
9th Gen.
1. Howard Porter.
2. James Porter.
3. Marcia Porter.
7. Emma Leone Porter, b. 16 Nov 1906.
8. Burton Richard Porter, b. 6 Nov 1907.
* 5. Julius Augustus, b. 4 Mar 1860 at Waterloo, IN; d. 16 May
1937 at Martin, MI. He m. (1) 2 Jun 1880 at Hopkins, Della
Gates; d. 1 Jun 1881 and (2) 30 Jul 1885 Carrie Jane Parsons;
d. 13 Jan 1962 at Plainwell, MI.
6. Marilla Ellen Adalaide, b. 7 Dec 1861 at Milford, OH; d. 6
Feb 1922 at Hopkins, MI. She m. 23 Nov 1881 there, William
Jackson. 9th Gen.
1. Pansy Jackson, b. 1 Oct 1882; d. 24 Mar 1939. She m.
Percy Carnes. 10th Gen.
1. Margery; m. Francis Brower of Hopkins.

Page 385

2. Pearl; m. 21 Jan 1906 William Punches. 10th Gen.
1. Dwight Punches; d. 9 Oct 1966; m. Hazel Hostler.
2. Evelyn Punches; m. Orleo Reynolds.
3. Donna; m. John Smalla; had several ch.
7. Charles Albert, b. 7 Dec 1866 at Milford, OH; d. 9 May 1926.
He m. 11 Sep 1889 Jesse Barathomew, b. 1871; d. 1960. 9th Gen.
1. Harry, b. 1893; d. 1968; m. Emily May (???).
2. Hugh, b. 1895; d. 1964; m. Josephine M. (???).
3. Donald.
4. Hazel, b. 1888.
8. Emma Jane Malinda, b. 18 Aug 1854 at Milford; d. 21 Apr
1892. She m. 28 Jan 1878 at Hopkins, Aaron Krug. 9th Gen.
1. Josea Krug; m. Abe Jordon.
2. Cora Krug, b. 21 Mar 1881 Frank Duryea in 1898; had
two sons.
3. Frank Krug, b. 1900; d. 1905.
4. Ethel Krug; m. George Lake, had three ch.
5. Fred Krug; m. Jewel Ellinger. He d. 8 Apr 1964. Several
ch. FARNSWORTH and his first wife, Eliza A. Martin, had issue: 8th Gen.

1. Newell Albert, b. 29 Aug 1855; d. 26 Jun 1933. He m. Claretta
Kemmerrer, dau. George Jacob and Elizabeth (Knisely)
Kemmerer. 9th Gen.
1. Akin Adelbert; m. Helen and had: 10th Gen.
1. Eugene.
2. Alta; m. (1) Harvey Smith and (2) Frank Bumpus. 10th Gen.
1. Claude Smith.
2. Forrest Smith.
2. Emma, b. 8 Aug 1857; d. 194_ at Hicksville, OH. She m. (1)
Eli Thompson and (2) Frank Place. 9th Gen.
1. Myrtle Thompson; m. Frank Griest.
2. Glen Place.
3. Pearl Place.
* 3. Warren Adelbert, b. 4 Apr 1860; d. 5 Jul 1924 at Allegan, MI.

He m. (1) Ida Jane Carey and (2) 28 Sep 1890 Hester Ann Kemmerrer,
b. 24 Jun 1869; d. 16 Jan 1953 at Hicksville, OH,
sister of Claretta above.
4. Effie, b. 26 Apr 1868; d. 17 Mar 1934 at Hicksville. She m.
Chub Warner. 9th Gen.
1. Marjorie Warner; m. Albert Thiel. 10th Gen.
1. Lela Thiel.
2. Letha Thiel.
3. DeLong Thiel.
4. Kenneth Thiel.

Page 386

2. Forrest Warner; m. Pauline (???). 10th Gen.
1. Arlis Warner.
2. Eldon Warner.
3. Maurice DeWayne Warner.
3. Albert Warner; m. Aubrey (???). 10th Gen.
1. Evelyn Warner.
2. Elinor Warner.
3. Marian Warner.
4. Ruth Warner.
5. Ronald Warner.
4. Beatrice Warner; m. M. J. Sharp.
5. Charles Henry, b. 4 Dec 1874; d. 1927. He m. (1) Lelah
Finzer and (2) Anna (???). OLIVER FARNSWORTH and his wife, Margaret Marrilla (Griswold) Farnsworth, had issue: 8th Gen. BRADLEY MARTIN and his wife, Eliza Ann Farnsworth, had issue: 8th Gen.

1. Angenette Franceline, b. 7 Dec 1859; d. 17 Mar 1931. She m.
(1) 16 Jan 1881 Warren Holmes, son of Samuel and Permelia
(Thurston) Holmes and (2) 24 Jul 1907 Henry Barney. 9th Gen.
1. Lena Labell Holmes, b. 9 Sep at Hopkins, MI; d. 26 Sep
1898 at Otsego, MI.
2. Frank Bryan Holmes, b. 29 Apr 1885 at Hopkins; d. 23
Feb 1955; m. 29 Apr 1914 Nora Aurand, dau of Harvey and
Mary Thomas Aurand. 10th Gen.
1. Earl Holmes, b. 21 Aug 1919 at Otsego; m. 13 Nov
1943 Mable Kurtz.
2. Merle Holmes, b. 21 Aug 1919; m. 1946 Louella Kurtz.
3. Roy Virgil Holmes, b. 18 Apr 1921; m. 21 Jan 1950,
Margery Beaver.
4. Dorio Marie Holmes, b. 23 May 1924; m. 26 Sep 1946
Calvin Moran.
3. Inez Ethel, b. 3 Sep 1889; m. (1) 2 Jul 1908 Harvey Gage
Aurand and (2) 24 Jul 1960 George Samuel Cassady. 10th
1. Cecil Edward Aurand, b. 14 May 1909; m. 12 Nov

Page 387

1936 Lila Carpenter.
4. Elsie May Holmes, b. 24 Jun 1892; d. 7 Dec 1892.
2. Alma Deora, b. 7 Feb 1861 at Milford, OH; d. 17 Nov 1936 at
Allegan, MI. She m. 24 Jan 1871 Frank Jones. 9th Gen.
1. Cora Imogene Jones, b. 25 Jun 1881 at Hopkins, MI; d. 7
7 May 1938 at Cooper, MI. She m. (1) 18 May 1924; he
d. 1925 and she m. (2) 6 Jun 1932 Norman Slagenwhite.
2. Iva Coral, b. 1882; d. at birth.
* 3. Angie Evaline, b. 9 Dec 1862 at Milford; d. 11 Jan 1942 at
Otsego. She m. 23 Dec 1882 at Hopkins, MI, Levi Lorenzo
Button who d. 5 Jun 1945 at Otsego, MI, son of Lorenzo Button.
4. Zelpha Imogene, b. 5 Nov 1866 at Williams Center, OH; d. 26
Jul 1946 at Cascade, CO. She m. (1) 1889 John Whitney; he
d. 1891 at Traverse City, MI and she m. (2) 1897 Albert Hewitt.
9th Gen.
1. Leo John Whitney, b. 23 Apr 1890 at Monroe, MI; d. 23
May 1971 at Sun City, CA. He m. (1) Jun 1915 at Manitou

Springs, CO, Emma Douglas; she d. in childbirth 1918;
he m. (2) 16 Sep 1920 at Denver, CO, Sophia Bohm. 10th
1. Geraldine Whitney, b. 7 Dec 1921; m. 3 Jul 1952
Milo Allen Taylor.
2. Edwin Leo Whitney, b. 1 Mar 1927; m. 27 Oct 1954
Georgia Louise Hamming, dau. Jacob J. Hamming
of San Francisco, CA.
5. Lucy Geneva, b. 8 Sep 1873; d. same day at Milford, OH.
* 6. Charles William, b. 11 Sep 1876; d. 28 Nov 1960 at Tarpon
Springs, FL. He m. (1) 30 Jun 1896 at Hopkins, MI, Nellie
May Brown, b. 21 Oct 1876 at Lake Odessa, MI; d. 6 Jan 1940
at Ann Arbor, MI, dau. Daniel Wallace and Sarah Eliza (Smith)
Brown, and (2) Vidah Elizabeth (Armstrong) Penton. EDWIN FARNSWORTH and his wife, Martha Amanda Newman, had issue: 8th Gen.

1. Ruby Grace, b. 19 Sep 1878 at Bloomville, OH; d. 30 May 1962
at Portland, OR. She m. 10 Oct 1905 at Portland, Pearl LeRae
Wadley. 9th Gen. (b. Portland, OR.)
1. Lera Edwin Wadley, b. 12 Feb 1907; m. H. Paul Foster,
res. San Francisco, CA.
2. Edythe Martha Wadley, b. 12 Oct 1908; m. Harold Tickner.
3. William Irvin Wadley, b. 7 Jun 1910; m. Virgie (???).
4. Pauline Lois Wadley, b. 26 Jun 1913; m. Roland A. Glassen,
and twin,
5. Paul Ladd Wadley, b. 26 Jun 1913; m. Mabel (???).

Page 388 FREDERICK PIERCE and his first wife, Jan Ann Wier, had issue: 8th Gen.

1. Ella May, b. 1863 in IA; d. 30 Jun 1843 at Tacoma, WA, m.
Thomas Westbrook.
2. Edna Mattie, b. 21 Mar 1866 at Marshalltown, IA, d. 1945 in
WA, m. Peter M. Krogh.
3. Nina Elizabeth, b. 23 May 1871 in KS; d. Aug 1949 in McPherson
Co., NB, m. B. Harvey Fattig.
4. John Oliver, b. 21 Feb 1873 at Scottsville, KS; d. 24 Sep 1960
at Vista, CA. He m. 25 Jul 1906 Anna Wilson.
5. Alta Grace, b. 18 Jan 1875 at Syracuse, IA; d. 29 Jan 1952 at
Boulder, CO, m. A. Taylor Ready.
6. George P., b. 9 Nov 1876 in KS; d. 18 Nov 1962 at Colorado
Springs, CO, m. Emma A. Reams.
7. Charles Forrest, b. 6 Jan 1879 in Jewell Co., KS; d. 12 Sep

Page 389

1947 at Pyallup, WA. He m. 26 Jan 1900 at Bloomington, NB,
Johanna Iverson, b. 11 Nov 1880 in Mower Co., MN; d. 8 Nov

1962 at Tacoma, dau. Ole and Oliva Bredesen (Sj??li) Iverson.
9th Gen.
1. Gertrude Grace, b. 27 Jan 1901 at Riverton, NB; m. Erwin
G. Adams.
2. Gustav Shirley, b. 12 Dec 1913 at Riverton; d. 11 Jul 1957
at Tacoma. He m. 22 Apr 1934 at Franklin, NB, Cassie
3. Charles Gerald, b. 5 Apr 1917 at Riverton; m. 18 Aug
1945 at Bremerton, NB, Myrtle Forbes.
4. Genevieve Iona, b. 25 Jan 1920 at Riverton; m. 8 Mar
1940 at Tacoma, Donald Arnold Smoots, b. 27 Jan 1917
at Ackerland, KS, son of Edward A. and Flossie (Trackwell)


9. Gertrude Ethel, b. 19 Jun 1883 in Jewell Co., KS; d. 20 Aug
1970 at Beloit, KS. She m. 29 Dec 1908 in Bloomington, NB,
Edward Niswender.
10. Sherman Wier, b. 23 May 1886 at Jamestown, KS; d. 2 Dec
1944 at Santa Ana, CA. He m. (1) in 1908 Estella Tucker and
(2) Pansy M. (???). A. (CHARLES PHILO) FARNSWORTH and his wife, Harriet Amanda Partridge, had issue: 8th Gen.

* 1. Theodore Adelbert, b. 2 Oct 1851 at Ashburton, MA; d. 4 May
1928 at Medway, MA. He m. 3 May 1876 Susan Lois Pearson,
b. 1 Nov 1854 at Medway, dau. Moses Roger and Mary Ann
(Reilly) Pearson.
* 2. Ella Josephine, b. 27 Jun 1953; d. at Worcestor, MA 20 Dec
1926. She m. ca. 1871/2 Milo Edson Haynes, b. 25 Dec 1845;
d. 14 May 1898, son of Jeremiah and Loisa H. (Nelson) Haynes.
3. George W., b. 4 Apr 1855 at E. Stoughton, MA; d. there 15
Sep 1866.
* 4. Hattie Evelyn, b. 29 Jul 1866 at Stoughton, MA; d. 23 Apr 1934

Page 390

Orleans, MA. She m. 10 Mar 1885 at Medway, Solonois
Childs, b. 14 Aug 1865 at Clarksburg, NJ; d. 7 Jan 1947 at
Taunton, MA, son of Joseph Warren and Fannie Newell (Chase)
By his 2nd wife, Mary Ann Dolan, he had:
5. Mary Alice, b. 27 Jan 1872 at E. Stoughton; d. 3 Jun 1914 at
Brockton. She m. 20 Feb 18__Michael E. O'Donnel, no ch.
6. Lucy Ellen, b. 29 Aug 1874 at E. Stoughton; d. 22 Apr 1957
at Weymouth, MA. She m. 1 Feb 1894 John Wall, b. 12 Aug
1872 at Hingham, MA; d. 6 Jul 1939 at Weymouth. 9th Gen.
1. Mary Magdalene Wall, b. 3 Dec 1894 at Avon, MA; m. 19
Apr 1926 at Weymouth, James Francis Fitzgerald, b. 30 Jun
1895 at Lowell, MA; d. 16 Nov 1952 at Weymouth.


2. John Wall, Jr., b. 1895; lived 3 mos.
7. Ada, b. 10 May 1878 at Weymouth; d. there 22 Aug 1879,
and twin,
8. Ida, b. 10 May 1878; d. there 27 Aug 1879.
9. Son, stillborn 6 Feb 1883. WHITE FARNSWORTH and his wife, Lillian L. Austin, had issue: 8th Gen.

1. Oscar, b. 5 Oct 1908; d. 5 Dec 1908.
2. Arthur Austin, b. 15 Dec 1909. He was an aviator; he eventually

went to CA and m. there ca. 1950 movie actress Bette
3. Barbara Maigne, b. 28 Aug 1910, and twin,
4. Daniel Brewer, b. 28 Aug 1910. (VT vital records say Daniel
White, b. 16 Aug 1910.)
5. Lillian Lucile, b. 26 Sep 1918. ALAN FARNSWORTH and his wife, Jessie Rosalie Huff, had issue: (his 1st six ch. b. at McLean, IL, the last were b. Atlanta, IA.) 8th Gen.

1. Rosa Caroline, b. 8 Mar 1884; d. 10 Aug 1884.
By his 2nd wife, Minnie Catherine Dowdy, he had:

Page 391

2. Jessie Myrtle, b. 20 Sep 1888; d. 5 Feb 1932, m. Robert Vance.
3. William Enos, b. 8 Feb 1890; m. Alta Fay Scott.
4. Mildred Ann, b. 21 Dec 1891; m. (1) 29 Nov 1907 Harry Rongenecker
and (2) 7 Dec 1912 Frank Fisk Wakefield.
5. Frank Alan, Jr., b. 18 May 1894; d. 7 Feb 1918, m. Imogene
* 6. John Dwight, b. 17 Jul 1896; m. (1) Bessie Ackerson and (2)
1 Feb 1919 Carrie Roberts Church, b. 13 Dec 1888 at Turtle
Creek, PA; d. 24 Jul 1945 at Clinton, IL, dau. Clarence
Harry and Sarah Ellen (Roberts) Church. He m. (3) Mary
Elizabeth Conaway.
7. James Owen, b. 15 Oct 1898; d. 21 Oct 1918, m. Cora Anderson.
8. Wilbur Ray, b. 12 Nov 1900; m. Lula Johnson.
9. Cecil Cline, b. 21 Apr 1903; m. 30 Apr 1921 Clara Belle
10. Ivan Joseph, b. 10 Aug 1905; m. 22 Sep 1933 Melva Ellen May.
11. Herbert Eugene, b. 9 May 1907; d. 25 Aug 1907.
12. Ida Catherine, b. 14 Sep 1910; m. Franklin Roy Brewer.
13. Minnie Marguerite, b. 22 Apr 1916; m. 4 Apr 1948 Wilson Tibbs.


EIGHTH GENERATION FARNSWORTH and his wife, Marcia Swenson had issue: 9th Gen.

  1. John Arthur; m. Dagmar Hunnicutt of Miami, FL and had:
    10th Gen.
    1. John Arthur, Jr.
    2. Reesa Cecile.
    2. Mary Jean; m. John Butterworth of Montreal and had: 10th Gen.
    1. Susan Butterworth.
    2. James Butterworth.
    3. Marcia Joan Butterworth.


  1. BOWKER FARNSWORTH and his 2nd wife, Lulu Irene (Westgate) Benjamin HARRINGTON FARNSWORTH and his wife, Agnes Constance Ford, had issue: DURYEA and his wife, Frances Anna Caroline Taylor, had issue: 9th Gen.

  1. Frances, b. 8 Dec 1871; d. same day.
    2. Judson Oliver, b. 22 Jun 1874; d. 1970. He m. 1896 Mable



Page 393 AUGUSTUS TAYLOR and his wife, Della Gates, had issue in Hopkins, MI. 9th Gen.

  1. Clyde Hugo, b. 28 May 1881; d. 1944. He m. 16 Jan 1902 at
    Hopkins, Ettowah Foster. Had one son, b. 1906.
    By his 2nd wife, Carrie Jane Parsons, he had:
    2. Nina May, b. 21 Mar 1886 at Cornell, NB; d. 24 Aug 1886 at
    McCook, NB.
    3. Ethel Addie, b. 17 Oct 1888 at Cornell; d. 18 Apr 1971 at Allegan,
    MI. She m. 6 Sep 1904 there, George William Armstrong,
    b. 9 Jan 1880; d. 1 Jun 1949, son of Peter and Lucy
    (Woods) Armstrong.



Page 395 ADELBERT FARNSWORTH and his 2nd wife, Hester Ann Kemmerrer, had issue: 9th Gen.

1. Elma Emmaline, b. 8 Oct 1892 at Hicksville, OH; d. 20 Mar
1973 at Plainwell, MI. She m. 24 Nov 1917 Raymond Tyrell,
b. 9 Apr 1891; d. 16 Oct 1923, son of John Ray and Evaline

Page 398
* 2. Walter Albert, b. 19 May 1895 at Auburn, IN; d. 15 Apr 1941
at Grand Rapids, MI. He m. 18 Jun 1919 Ella May Carter.
* 3. Ray Owen, b. 20 Apr 1897 at Hesperia, MI; m. 4 Jan 1933 Ethel
Forbes, b. 23 Jul 1923, dau. Andrew and Cora (Herrington)
* 4. Hazel Belle, b. 29 Jun 1899 in Isabella Co., MI; m. 14 Jun 1921
in Wayland twp., Allegan Co., MI, Russell Perry, b. 13 Jul
1893 in Cook Co., IL, son of Carlton and Olive (Brown) Perry.
* 5. Nathan Warren, b. 18 Sep 1901 in Defiance Co., OH; m. 19 Jun
1922 at Goshen, IN, Wilma Mae Yost, b. 12 Oct 1903 in
Co., MI, dau. Willard and (???) (Shigley) Yost.
* 6. Eliza May, b. 9 Jan 1904 at Farmer, OH; d. 15 May 1970 at
Plainwell, MI. She m. 18 Apr 1928 at Leighton, MI, R. D. Ray
Standish, b. 16 May 1900 at Woodville, MI, son of William and
Clara Bell (Corning) Standish.
7. Milo Monroe, b. 14 Feb 1906 in Defiance Co., OH; m. 12 Jul
1930 Leona Sithes, b. 23 Aug 1901 in Allegan Co., MI, dau.
Clesson Aruna and Georgia Winifred (Ely) Sithes. She took a
great interest in this edition of Farnsworth history and collected
the genealogy of the Albert Farnsworth descendants. He worked
over 25 years for the Pet Milk Co., now retired; is a member
of the Allegan Co. Historical Society.
8. Laguar Lowell, b. 15 May 1908 in Defiance Co.; m. 11 Mar 1933
Florence Serelda Corner, b. 16 May 1902, dau. Janes and Anna
(Johnson) Corner. No ch.
9. Ida Perepah, b. 31 Oct 1911 in Trumbull Co., OH; d. 27 Dec
1969 at Wayland, MI. She m. James Spencer Corner, b. 18 Apr

Page 399

1893 at Streater, IL; d. 14 Aug 1954 at Ann Arbor, MI, brother
of Serelda, above. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Harriett Wilson, had issue: 9th Gen.

* 1. Luman, b. 21 Oct 1897. He m. 3 Jun 1920 Lois Moore; both
drowned 9 May 1959 at Lake 16, Martin, MI.
2. Leonard, b. 1900 at Hicksville, OH; d. 6 Apr 1917 at Kalamazoo,
3. Grace, b. 1902; m. Fay Ludar in Kalamzoo, MI. 10th Gen.
1. Faith Ludar.
2. Hope Ludar.
4. Hope, b. 1905 at Martin, MI; d. 1921 at Kalamazoo.
5. Paul Martin, b. 1907; m. 1929 Rosa Bell.
6. Margaret, b. 24 Nov 1910 at Orangeville, MI; m. (1) 6 Apr
1930 Evart Weinbrenner (div) and (2) Paul Bolt.
7. Victor, b. 1913 at Orangeville; m. Frances Wilson OLIVER FARNSWORTH and his wife, Myrtle May Coon, had issue: 9th Gen.

* 1. Clayton Oliver, b. 4 Jan 1901 at Hicksville, OH; m. (1) Pauline
Elizabeth Fletcher; d. 19 Mar 1933 in Wellsburg, WV and (2)
12 May 1934 Audrey Fern Davis of Elwood, IN.
2. Mable Irene, b. 16 Feb 1903; d. 1954 at Hicksville. She m.
James Cartwright.
3. Lucile M., b. 8 Feb 1906 at Rockfort, OH; m. Earl Scott (div.).
4. Ruth Elizabeth, b. 15 Sep 1917 at Leipsic, OH; m. Dick Johnson. LORENZO BUTTON and his wife, Angie Evaline Martin, had issue at Hopkins, MI: 9th Gen.

1. Myrtle Eliza, b. 4 Dec 1883; d. at Kalamazoo, MI 1946. She m. (1)
2 Jul 1904 at Kalamazoo, Ray Hopkins; they div. and she m. (2)
Charles Mentor

Page 402 WILLIAM MARTIN and his wife, Nellie May Brown, had issue: 9th Gen.

1. Luman Arthur, b. 21 Feb 1897 in Otsego, MI; m. 2 Jul 1921
at Kalamazoo, MI, Maude Swazy (div. 1943) and (2) 19 Nov
1943 in Goldboro, WV, Mary Ellen Thompson. He was a career
man in the U.S. Air Force and Cavalry in WW I and II and
Korea; buried 22 Nov 1962 at Santa Fe, NM. ERVIN FARNSWORTH and his wife, Helen McNair Cornell, had issue: 9th Gen.

1. Lucille; dec.
2. Irvinna Fay; m. Mr. King. 10th Gen.
1. Joan King.
3. Edwin; m. Helen Lund. 10th Gen.
1. John.
2. Sandia.
4. Lawrence Cornell; d. 26 Dec 1967. He m. Laura (???).

By his 2nd wife, Mary Johnson Lund,

Page 403 ADELBERT FARNSWORTH and his wife, Susan Pois Pearson, had issue: 9th Gen.

1. Carlton Adelbert, b. 20 Aug 1884 at Hudson, MA; d. 14 Oct
1943 at Osterville, MA. He m. 23 Nov 1905 Ethel Mae Seavey,
b. 4 Aug 1883; d. 23 Jan 1971 at Hyannis, MA. 10th Gen.
1. Rudolph Adelbert, b. 14 Sep 1906 at Onset, MA; d. 24 May
1931 at Bass River, MA. He m. there 24 May 1931
Sylvia Anna Arey, b. 6 Jun 1907 in Boston, MA. He served
in WW II in Navy Seabees. He was a printer; ret. as ass't
foreman, night composing room of the Prov-Journal (RI).
Res. W. Yarmouth, MA.
2. Eulah Harriette, b. 20 Aug 1913 at East Providence, RI;
m. (1) John Thomas Buckley (div) and (2) 15 Dec 1940
Frederick Richard Carlson.

2. Ethel Pearl, b. 21 Nov 1886 at Medway, MA; d. 19 Dec 1944
at Orleans, MA. She m. 4 Feb 1906 Herman Elmore Taylor,
b. 2 Oct 1882; d. 29 Jul 1957 at Hyannis, MA, son of Henry and
Eva (Coleman) Taylor.


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3. Harry James, b. 2 Nov 1889 at Medway; d. there 24 Jun 1913.
4. Jennie Louise, b. 22 Jan 1893 at Medway; m. at West Medway
8 Aug 1923 Irving Eugene Scott, b. 1 Dec 1894 in Millis, MA;
d. 11 Jan 1957 in Medway. EDSON HAYNES and his wife, Ella Josephine Farnsworth, had issue: 9th Gen.

1. Chastina Amanda, b. 26 Jan 1873; d. 11 Dec 1932 at Worcestor,
MA. She m. Arthur A. Sawtell. 10th Gen.
1. Lucy J. Sawtell, b. 9 Nov 1895; d. 16 Jun 1957. She m.
ca. 1919/20 George R. Wilson, b. 27 Mar 1888; d. 20 Mar
2. Franklin A. Sawtell, b. 1 Dec 1902; d. 11 Dec 1898.
3. Milo Aldred Sawtell, b. 23 Nov 1899; m. Ann Lomax.
4. George Parker Sawtell, b. 13 Apr 1902; d. 1953.
5. Ethel Gertrude Sawtell, b. 17 Sep 1905; m. 15 Jun 1929
Kenneth Nelson Parker, b. 10 Jun 1906; d. 8 Sep 1970.
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6. Lillian E. Sawtell, b. 23 Apr 1912; m. (1) 17 May 1929
Charles E. Gilbert, b. 4 Sep 1908; d. 28 Sep 1948 and (2)
1954 Henry A. Heuser, b. 17 May 1908.

2. Walter Parker, b. 19 Aug 1874; d. at Worcestor, MA 18 Jun
1927, unm.
3. Hariett Evelyn, b. 26 Jan 1878; d. 18 Jun 1901. She m. M.
Robertson. 10th Gen.
1. Albert Edson Robertson, b. 21 Sep 1900.
4. George Adelbert, b. 29 Apr 1882; m. Edna Sleeper, b. 4 Nov
1883. 10th Gen.
1. Gladys Edna, b. 21 Jul 1908.

2. Ralph Edson, b. 6 Aug 1920.
5. Charles Edson, b. 1 Sep 1884; m. Florence Newton, b. 1885.
10th Gen.
1. Vera Evelyn, b. 17 Jan 1904.
2. Verwell, b. 26 Jan 1905.
3. Charles, b. 1907.
4. Burton C., b. 13 Aug 1908.
6. Freddie Carlton, b. 29 Jul 1885; m. Eva Stone, b. 21 Jan 1883.
10th Gen.
1. Freddie Francis, b. 23 Nov 1904.

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7. Willie Dexter, b. 20 Oct 1890. CHILDS and his wife, Hattie Evelyn Farnsworth, had issue: 9th Gen.

1. Ella Bertha, b. 26 Aug 1887 at Medway, MA; m. 17 Nov 1900
at Orleans, MA, Nathan Chester Darling, b. 28 May 1885 at
Pawtucket, RI; d. 7 Jun 1956 at Orleans, son of Henry and
Mary Elizabeth (Adams) Darling.

2. Myrtle (nmn), b. 12 Jun 1891 at (N) Franklin, MA; d. 19 Aug
1916 at Lawrence, MA. She m. 10 Mar 1912 at Orleans, Harry
Lovell Bunker, b. at Lawrence, son of Fred C. and Etta L.
(Jones) Bunker. No ch.
3. Adelbert Allen, b. 1 Aug 1895 at (N) Franklin; m. 15 Jun 1923
at Orleans. Lillias Hannah Stackpole, b. 2 Dec 1900 at Medway,
dau. Frank Augustus and Lillias Brooks (Griffin) Stackpole. He
served in WW I 1917/9; past Commander and for many years,
Adjutant, American Legion Post 308; farmer and poultryman;
photographer and photo finisher, newspaper correspondent and
columnist; chairman of the board, New Orleans Registrar of
Voters. Collected and provided the genealogy of the descendants
of Abijah and Lucy (Thomas) Farnsworth for this edition.

Page 407 DWIGHT FARNSWORTH and his 2nd wife, Carrie Roberts Church, had issue:


NINTH GENERATION ALBERT TAYLOR and his wife, Zelpha Lerona Martin, had issue: 10th Gen. ALBERT FARNSWORTH and his wife, Ella May Carter, had issue: 10th Gen. PERRY and his wife, Hazel Belle Farnsworth, had issue in Wayland twp., Allegan Co., MI; 10th Gen. WARREN FARNSWORTH and his wife, Wilma Mae Yost, had issue at Elkhart, IN; 10th Gen. D. RAY STANDISH and his wife, Eliza May Farnsworth, had issue in Leighton Twp., Allegan Co., MI: 10th Gen. FARNSWORTH and his wife, Lois Moore, had issue: 10th Gen. OLIVER FARNSWORTH and his first wife, Pauline Elizabeth Fletcher, had issue at Wellsburg, WV: